info outlineWe're open! We are replacing the front doors of the TIFF Bell Lightbox from Nov 6 - Dec 18, but you can still access the building near TIFF Shop.

digiPlaySpace 2017 is now over! We hope you and your class will join us next year.

digiPlaySpace is an award-winning interactive exhibition where students engage with new-media technologies, learning-centric games and hands-on activities. Featuring new works from internationally acclaimed children’s artists, digiPlaySpace supports diverse learning styles, and boosts new media literacy skills in support of the science, social studies, math, and language arts curricula.

School tours are one hour in length during the TIFF Kids International Film Festival but can be booked for two hours during February and March.

One complimentary supervisor ticket is provided for every 10 paid student tickets. Should the number of supervisor tickets required be in excess of this 1:10 ratio, the additional supervisor tickets will be charged at the student price.

digiPlaySpace is designed for Kindergarten to Grade 8 students; however, specialized tours are also available for high school groups that wish to know more about the technology involved in the creation of each installation.

2017 School Tour Lineup


Interact with a robot through gestures and movement.

Flight Painting

Create amazing 3D paintings with a flying ball of light.

Virtual Growth

Light grows to trace the environment, illuminating hidden edges and organically interacting with people and objects.


Interact with a mini universe and see how each celestial body reacts to your interactions across 28 screens.

Animation Space Station

Visit outer space by superimposing yourself into these five wacky science-fiction animations by award-winning artist John Martz.

Canada on (Green) Screen

Travel to Canada’s National Parks, National Historic Sites and National Marine Conservation Areas through the magic of green- screen technology! Parcourez les parcs nationaux du Canada, ses sites historiques et ses aires marines nationales de conservation grâce à la magie de l'écran vert!

Buggy Night

A nocturnal group of singing bugs is interrupted by a flashlight beam...and a very hungry frog.

Makers' Space

Get hands-on with robotics, coding, and creative circuits from celebrated Canadian and international makers, artists, and creative technologists.

Logic Toss

Solve the LED puzzle by launching your catapult!

Robot Crafting Table

Command a robot to assemble materials into your own virtual creations!

Coding Characters with Little Robot Friends

Dive into open source code to make complex behaviours! Little Robot Friends help kids explore interactivity and programming with easy-to-use, playful interfaces.


Play games using physical blocks to learn about coding, geometry, and numbers!

Swift Playgrounds

Learn how to code Swift through interactive puzzles!

New Dexterity Robot Hands

New Dexterity open-source robot hands from OpenBionics help people restore their lost dexterity!

Squishy Circuits

Bring your play-dough creations to life with lights, sounds, and more!


Drawing + robots = Drawbots!

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