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Ep. 43: The Fight for On-Screen Diversity

How can programmers encourage their audiences to embrace new stories?

Ep. 42: Where Does Hollywood Go After #MeToo?

How film can be used to make A Better Man

Ep. 41: How to Write the Best Sequel of the Century

The screenwriter of Creed did just that

Ep. 40: How David Gordon Green Became Hollywood’s Most Eclectic Filmmaker

From "the next Terrence Malick" to stoner comedies to Stronger

Ep. 39: Why Documentaries Mean More in the Age of Trump

True story

Ep. 38: How Horror Slayed the Competition in 2017

From Split to It, why audiences gave their money and their love to the horror genre this year

Ep. 37: Can Bad Data Kill a Film?

Running the numbers with FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey

Ep. 36: How to Build the Year’s Best Soundtrack

Master of None's music supervisor on the songs that make the shows

Ep. 35: Judy Greer on Becoming the Industry’s Most Prolific Character Actor

She's everything you like in everything you like

Ep. 34: Character Actors Directing Character Actors

How John Carroll Lynch came to direct Harry Dean Stanton's swan song

Ep. 33: Are the Oscars Losing Relevance?

The three seasons: Spring, Summer, and Awards Season

Ep. 32: Jim Carrey on Comedy, Characters and Existence

"They're all characters that I've played. Including Jim Carrey."

Ep. 30: How Sale Agents Became the Champions of Indie Film

Charlotte Mickie lifts the veil on just what it is they do - and how it affects a changing industry

Ep. 29: What have we learned from summer 2017?

Tom Brueggemann on where film goes from here

Ep. 28: Cameron Bailey on the Evolution of Film Festivals

How the festival fits in a digital world

Ep. 27: What Disney’s Netflix Breakup Means for Viewers

Indiewire's Anne Thompson on the streaming wars

Ep. 26: Karina Longworth on the woman who changed film forever

A podcasting master on a filmmaking legend

Ep. 25: The Perks and Pains of Being a Hollywood Outlier

Stella Meghie is an industry rarity... And that's a problem

Ep. 24: The Biggest Challenges Facing Emerging Filmmakers

How does the next generation get their films made?

Ep. 23: Is There Room for Censorship in Modern Film?

Two Indian filmmakers tell their story

Ep. 22: Has Game of Thrones Transcended Television?

All men (and TV shows) must die

Ep. 21: How to get a script made in 2017

Become this century's Orson Welles

Ep. 20: Star Wars: is there room for risk in the Empire?

I've got a mixed feeling about this...

Ep. 19: How the New York Times ranked a century of cinema

Chief Film Critic A.O. Scott breaks it down

Ep. 18: Why Edgar Wright Chose Originality Over IP

The Baby Driver director thought he was going to "director jail" after Ant-Man

Ep. 17: What Happened to Summer Blockbusters?

Franchise fatigue sets in

Ep. 16: What Hollywood Could Learn from Telugu Cinema

Tollywood's coming for us all

Ep. 15: Has Prestige TV Become Boring?

And what does "cinematic" mean when applied to television, anyway?

Ep. 14: The Ingredients to Good Food On Screen

Chef Matty Matheson remains dead set on life

Ep. 13: What the Cannes Lineup Says About the Future of Film

No Hollywood, some Netflix, and an uncertain future

Ep. 12: Debunking the Myth that "Black Films Don't Travel"

Tre'vell Anderson would like you to look at some receipts.

Ep. 11: 96% of Hollywood Writers Have Voted to Strike. Now What?

Will they or won't they? And what will you watch if they do?

Ep. 10: Remembering Jonathan Demme

Talking to one of cinema's most unique and varied voices

Ep. 9: How ESPN Grew Into an Oscar Winning Film Studio

Field to screen

Ep. 8: Breaking Down Hollywood Sexism by the Numbers

Professors Stacy Smith and Katherine Pieper lay out the harsh realities of Hollywood sexism

Ep. 7: What "The Jon Stewart of Egypt" Tells us About Satire in the Age of Trump

“Satire becomes more valuable the more repressed people feel.”

Ep. 6: Animated Films Must Evolve to Stay Relevant

The director and producer of The Boss Baby look to the future of animation

Ep. 5: How IMDB Demystified the Film Industry

An interview with the founder and CEO of the Internet Movie Database, Col Needham

Ep. 4: Why Get Out Is the Future of Genre Film

The lower the budget, the easier it is to take creative risks

Ep. 3: Why is Martin Scorsese Too Risky for a Major Studio?

And what does this mean for the future of distribution?

Ep. 2: The Science To A Successful Screenplay

Franklin Leonard, founder of The Black List, will make you want to immediately quit your job to become a screenwriter. Sorry.

Ep. 1: How to Hack Your Oscar Pool

FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey will use his numbers to destroy your friends and coworkers

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