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YO ADRIAN Ep. 20: Vikram Gandhi on Barry

Political biopics, the early life of a president, and race on film

Dec 16, 2016

What makes a political biopic great? And why are so few of them about women? In Round One, Kiva and Fariha talk about Vikram Gandhi's Barry (Vikram is our Round Two guest!), The Iron Lady (no. Just no.), contracting a case of HisPo (it's not contagious), the work of Oliver Stone, and various other films that are and are not worth your time.

Then Fariha has a wide-ranging talk with Vikram Gandhi (starting at 13:49) about how he came to make a film about a young Barack Obama, the process of recreating the President's early life, casting the role and others, the importance of Obama's college roommate, the influence of Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, and exploring issues of race on film.