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YO ADRIAN Ep. 16: Recovery Films and Johnny Ma

From Jane Austen to #dadbod to award-winning Canadian filmmaker Johnny Ma

Sep 30, 2016

In Round 1, Kiva and Fariha are living their best #postTIFF16 life (0.47) meaning Kiva is getting sick. They start off discussing best recovery films (1.08) and Fariha gives a shoutout to her girl, Jane Austen (1.27) while Kiva gets into her inner bro with the Oceans franchise (3.21), and both decide on their likeness to Brad (Fariha) and Andy Garcia (Kiva), respectively (4.40). Obviously the conversation quickly turns to #dadbods (6.40).

In Round 2, Fariha interviews Johnny Ma, director of Old Stone and winner of Best Canadian Feature at TIFF (9.30). They discuss how people are desensitized to pain (12.00) disregarding others' humanity (12.27). Johnny talks about his film inspirations and filmmakers he loves — Werner Herzog (13.13) and Abbas Kiarostami (13.46) and the beauty of telling fables in the modern age. Johnny finishes off talking about intersectional identity, being both Chinese and Canadian, and the importance of shifting what a Canadian film looks like (15.45).