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YO ADRIAN Ep. 14: A TIFF Preview with Artistic Director, Cameron Bailey

Programmers: they may not be able to build you a website, but they will show you some amazing films

Sep 2, 2016

In Round 1, Kiva is going crazy because #TIFF16 is in a few days (0.30), but TIFF's Artistic Director, Cameron Bailey, still made time to come on the podcast! Fariha asks Kiva about what it's like to work on the inside of a festival (1.15) and the two reflect on their favourite fest moments (4.30). Hint: Claire Denis' leopard print boots.

In Round 2, Cameron says he's sorry he ruined TIFF Bingo (12.40) and the two talk about what programming really is (13.00) and Toronto's diverse audiences (16.00). Then they get into questions of taste (21.00) and the role of film festivals in a digital age (26.00), plus the City to City (33.00) and Platform programmes (37.00). Cameron caps off the convo by explaining why he loves Jerry Maguire (40.00).