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YO ADRIAN Ep. 13: Nollywood Love with Mo Abudu and Nikissi Serumaga-Jamo

Mo Abudu ("Africa's Oprah") and TIFF's Nikissi Serumaga-Jamo

Aug 19, 2016

This week on "Yo, Adrian" it's all Nollywood! To ramp up for the #TIFF16 City to City: Lagos programme, Kiva talks to boss filmmaker (and dope co-worker) Nikissi Serumaga-Jamo (0.40) and Fariha talks to the one, the only Mo Abudu (13.25), who's been dubbed "Africa's Oprah" (nbd) and is the producer of the CTC opening film, THE WEDDING PARTY.

Nikissi talks about first discovering Nollywood (1.40), the continental influences of the Nigerian industry (4.45), the importance of Africans creating images of themselves (6.50) and shares her three favourite Nollywood films (9.30).

Mo talks about her passion project THE WEDDING PARTY and Nigerian weddings in general (14.00). (Spoiler: they're lit.) Mo gets into the details of how the industry (a.k.a. funding) works in Nollywood and the global appeal of comedy (22.00) and the romcom (23.50). She unpacks issues around non-African filmmakers making African stories (24.40) and the need to create stories that speak to "the Africa of today" (26.00). They finish off by talking about Mo's career and Mo gives advice to young women who want to follow in her footsteps. (38.15).