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YO ADRIAN Ep. 12: Sarah Gadon Adapts Brilliantly

Kiva and Fariha talk about going from book to film, and then Sarah Gadon guests

Aug 5, 2016

This week on "Yo, Adrian" Fariha and Kiva talk about their favourite book-to-film transformations, which nicely sets up to an interview Sarah Gadon (13.50) about her role in INDIGNATION (opening August 5). In Round 1, Fariha and Kiva talk about the art of adaption (1.15) and then get into some of their favourite movies based on books, like THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES (6.30) and THE NAMESAKE (9.00). They end by gushing about LOTR because FR and KR love LOTR (10.30).

In Round 2, Sarah talks about her role as Olivia in James Schamus' INDIGNATION, based on the book by Philip Roth (14.46). She talks about being influenced by Sylvia Plath (22.00), how she got into her character for Amazon's 11.22.63 with James Franco (26.00), her "complex" relationship with LA (32.20), and how she navigates managing her career in a pretty sexist industry (39.00).