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WELL NOBODY'S PERFECT Ep. 44: 2016 Year in Review

Jay Baruchel, Bonnie Arnold, Werner Herzog, and so much more. It's been a heck of a ride...

Dec 21, 2016

This week, Rob and Geoff look back on the themes and trends that shaped film and television in 2016, and revisit some of their favourite interviews from WNP's inaugural season.

  • Jay Baruchel on the challenges/advantages of making films in Canada (2:12).
  • Matt Johnson on his approach to funding new Canadian filmmakers (10:55).
  • Magali Simard on why "Golden Age TV" is too easy (15:29).
  • Werner Herzog on the pros and cons of working with Netflix (18:15).
  • Jordan Sowunmi on the importance of Atlanta and Insecure (22:05)
  • Bonnie Arnold on building animated worlds (28:25).
  • Mike Mitchell and Walt Dorn on how Adventure Time and Hayao Miyazaki influenced Trolls (32:56).
  • Shane Smith on the emergence of VR in documentary filmmaking (37:55).
  • Charlie Brooker on accidentally predicting the future (43:50).