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WELL, NOBODY'S PERFECT Ep. 24 - Mel Gibson's Beaver Sized Baggage

From Mr. Gibson to Suicide Squad to Richard Pryor biopic casting news, another strong week for film industry intel.

Aug 3, 2016

This week, following the announcement of Tom Clancy's THE DIVISION, Rob and Geoff wonder if a 'prestige video game movie' could be possible (1:20), talk about THE ROCKETEER sequel everyone was clamouring for (wait, what?) (5:30), and marvel over Channing Tatum's rebirth as a Merman in the SPLASH reboot (9:50). They also wonder if Mel Gibson deserves another chance after watching the trailer for HACKSAW RIDGE (11:20), debate the potential of SUICIDE SQUAD (17:15), and close by discussing the qualities of a good biopic following some cast additions to RICHARD PRYOR (22:55).