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Want to Own Some of Your Favourite TIFF '16 Films?

Pick up some of the best films from past Festivals, and pre-order some great ones from this year

Sep 6, 2016

If there's one thing that unites everyone who gathers together at TIFF, braving lineups, red carpet flashbulb madness, lack of sleep, popcorn overdoses, and Vitamin D deficiency, it's this: they all love film. And for many Festival goers, collecting their favourite films and rewatching them at home is a major part of the Festival experience.

If you're one of those film superfans, the iTunes Store has built something special for you: it's a TIFF '16 feature, with an awesome set of pre-orders for some of this year's most buzzed-about films alongside a selection of some of the incredible films that played at last year's Festival on sale for $10 each, and a link to our awesome new TIFF app.

If you're looking to add any TIFF '16 films to your digital collection, you should definitely check out the store. Here are the 2016 selections that are available for pre-order:

La La Land, Snowden, Lion, Deepwater Horizon, The Edge of Seventeen, It’s Only the End of the World, Maudie, American Pastoral, Denial, Weirdos, Blair Witch, American Honey, Two Lovers and a Bear, Mean Dreams, Unless, Nelly, Window Horses (The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming)

And just in case you forgot how awesome 2015's Festival was, there are so many great reminders in the store.

Festival is almost here. Stock up on water and healthy snacks. Set your out-of-office autoreply. And hit the iTunes Store so you'll be the first to own some of this year's highlights.