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TIFF UNCUT: Filmmakers Matías Piñeiro and Kazik Radwanski Talk Life and Cinema

Listen to an intimate discussion between two of the most intriguing indie directors working today

Feb 28, 2017

Buenos Aires–born Matías Piñeiro and Toronto-bred Kazik Radwanski are two independent filmmakers — as well as contemporaries and good friends — making exciting cinema at the fringes of the industry. To celebrate the new iTunes release of Radwanski’s second feature How Heavy This Hammer, which premiered at TIFF 2015 and was shortlisted for the Toronto Film Critics Association’s Best Canadian Feature award, we present a podcast between the two directors conducted at the Festival, where Piñeiro’s new film Hermia & Helena screened in the Wavelengths programme. In this candid conversation, Matías and Kazik detail their preference to work with non-actors, the importance of doing work that is not in film, and the chance encounter that formed their friendship.