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TIFF UN/CUT: How Laverne Cox changed Hollywood and the world

Listen to a lively discussion on trans representation on screen and off, conducted at TIFF Bell Lightbox in 2014

Jun 22, 2017

What was Hollywood even like before Laverne Cox?

The Orange is the New Black star has made historic in-roads for the trans population, forever changing the conversation of representation in film and television after becoming the first openly transgendered actor and activist to win an Emmy Award and appear on the cover of Time Magazine. In 2014, Laverne Cox came to TIFF for an in-depth "In Conversation With..." during Toronto's World Pride Week celebrations, presented by TIFF and the Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival. Listen to the full discussion with TIFF UN/CUT below, moderated by Wilson Cruz, Director of Entertainment Industry Partnerships at GLAAD (and also known as the actor who played Ricky Vasquez on My So-Called Life.)

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