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TIFF '16 Photo Studio: Day Three

Up close with the cast of Snowden, American Pastoral, and Rage

Sep 10, 2016

Joining us in the TIFF Photo Studio on day three is Billy Nighy, Jill Soloway, Nick Cannon, and the cast of Snowden, American Pastoral, and Rage.

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All photos are taken by Toronto's Matt Barnes on an iPhone 7.

Oliver Stone

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Melissa Leo

Zachary Quinto

Ewan McGregor

Uzo Aduba

Dakota Fanning

David Strathairn

Valorie Curry

Jennifer Connelly

Bill Nighy

Mibithi Masya

Jill Soloway

Nick Cannon

Dain Iskandar Said

Ken Watanabe

Aoi Miyazaki

Cast of Rage, (L to R) Ken Watanabe, Aoi Miyazaki and Sang-il Lee