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TIFF 6ix: Pie & Prejudice

This week's essential links, from racial erasure to Eraserhead

Apr 7, 2017
  1. Forty years ago, a modest crowd gathered in Los Angeles for a midnight premiere of a first feature by an up-and-coming director — that film was Eraserhead and the director was David Lynch. But what happened after the credits rolled? The Guardian’s Danny Leigh recalls how Lynch’s “dream of dark and troubling things” went from dumbfounding half-empty theatres to becoming Stanley Kubrick’s favourite film.

  2. Before Bruce Willis spent Christmas Eve in Nakatomi Plaza, John McClane went by another name — Joe Leland — in Roderick Thorpe’s original novel, The Detective, and its sequel, Nothing Lasts Forever. Oh, you already knew that? Well, don’t be a Gruber. Check out BuzzFeed’s list of 23 Movies You Probably Didn't Know Were Based On Books for more book-to-film surprises.

  3. The excuses piled up, but the money didn’t. Ghost in the Shell, unable to recover from the backlash caused by casting Scarlett Johansson as Motoko Kusanagi, limped into theatres last weekend with a $19-million opening. The Hollywood Reporter invited four Japanese actresses to discuss cultural authenticity, whitewashing, and the “white saviour” trope in the wake of Ghost in the Shell’s $112-million misstep.

  4. Are you on track for another year of #52FilmsByWomen? REMEZCLA compiled a list of 20 working Latina and Latinx filmmakers who should be on your radar, including Yanillys Perez, whose TIFF '16 film Jeffrey plays TIFF Kids this weekend.

  5. The Prism Prize, which honours the best in Canadian music videos, announced its top 10 finalists this week! Videos for A Tribe Called Red, Grimes, and Wintersleep will vie for the ultimate prize on May 14, so don’t forget to catch up on all the nominees before then. We’d also like to take this time to thank the Prism Prize for reminding everyone that Mike from Stranger Things is Canadian.

  6. Director Charlotte Regan just released her short film Standby, which played the Festival last year, online. So grab a donut, bruv! It’s time to spend five minutes in two beat-turned-buddy cops’ cramped “office space.”