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TIFF 6ix: Paul Thomas Anderson, Cool Dad

This week's essential links include caped crusaders and a lot of canines

Apr 28, 2017
  • 1. The first time Barry Jenkins met Jonathan Demme, it was at TIFF '16 and the Moonlight director called him “Mr. Demme.” Jenkins remembers noticing — halfway through a Q&A with Cameron Bailey — a man waving frantically in the aisle, wanting to ask a question. It was Mr. Demme, or “Jonathan,” as the affable late filmmaker was quick to correct. If you read nothing else today, make sure to check out Jenkins’ entire account on IndieWire.
  • 2. HAIM partnered up with everybody’s favourite Cool Dad, director Paul Thomas Anderson, to put together their newest music video. In a single take, PTA follows Danielle, Este, and Alana as “Right Now” builds and builds, and we sit on the edge of our seats while measures pass, waiting for someone (anyone!) to hit those drums. If you don’t get goosebumps by the 3:30 mark, we can’t help you.
  • 3 - Get Out enjoyed spectacular word of mouth, from not just audiences, but critics as well. But while reviewing Jordan Peele’s debut, critics also gleefully segued into the broader conversation about being Black in post-Obama America. Jaime Weinman of Vox outlines how, some time in the past decade, this type of socially conscious criticism has become the status quo, where hot takes and “problematic faves” have signaled the end of Kaelism in film criticism.
  • 4 - Tom Hardy took a break from reading children’s stories and hanging out with puppies to once again live up to our unbelievably high expectations of him. This week, he chased down two teenagers who had a stolen moped — riding not-so eternal, nor shiny, nor chrome — and, of course, he made a citizen’s arrest of the thieves who were "dumb enough to resist" the Academy Award–nominated actor and one-time Batman villain.
  • 5 - Speaking of superheroes, what’s up with the lack of Wonder Woman advertising? In a marketplace almost always overwhelmed by superheroes, we're five weeks out from the Gal Gadot blockbuster, and there’s, frankly, more trailers and merch available for Justice League — and Zack Snyder’s superhero supergroup isn’t coming to theatres until November. Blastr’s Shana O’Neil investigates and despairs while (we like to imagine) drinking a Wonder Woman–themed Dr. Pepper.
  • 6 - Wes Anderson released the first poster for Isle of Dogs, and it’s a 13/10-rated poster that we’re sure is Tom Hardy–approved. Check it out below: