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PURE NONFICTION Ep. 31: Race, History, Trump & Documentary

Raoul Peck, Bryan Stevenson and Ezra Edelman on the future of documentary film after Donald Trump's election

Dec 20, 2016

Bryan Stevenson, Raoul Peck & Ezra Edelman took part in a panel titled “American Histories,” moderated by Pure Nonfiction host Thom Powers. It took place at the DOC NYC festival just three days after Donald Trump was elected President. The discussion covers three films – I Am Not Your Negro, directed by Peck; OJ: Made in America, directed by Edelman; and 13th in which Stevenson (author of the book Just Mercy) is interviewed by filmmaker Ava DuVernay.

For more on these films, listen to the previous Pure Nonfiction interviews with Ezra Edelman (ep 10); Raoul Peck (ep 21); and Ava DuVernay (ep 26) that cover different areas from this panel.

“The power of Black art historically has been to create these pockets. So when I listen to Miles Davis, and I listen to the blues, and I listen to so many of our great artists, they’re not trying to do something to change the way other people think about them, they’re trying to give voice to these realities that we have experienced.” - Bryan Stevenson