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One To Watch: Almost Holy

The best superhero vigilante movie of the year.

Apr 4, 2016

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WHY TO WATCH: Steve Hoover's documentary Almost Holy (originally titled Crocodile Gennadiy) was executive produced by film legend Terrence Malick and features a score by masterful electronica musician Atticus Ross (Gone Girl), working with Leopold Ross and Bobby Krlic. How are those for co-signs on a documentary? And there's a reason these heavyweights came on board: the film is a harrowing portrait of a magnetic and sometimes disturbing presence; "Crocodile" Gennadiy Mokhnenko, a pastor in Ukraine, forcibly removes young people struggling with addiction and alcholism from the street and takes them to his rehab and housing facility, Pilgrim Republic. His actions and approach have divided public opinion, and the doc probably won't convince you one way or another. But it will stay with you. So catch the Canadian premiere at TIFF this Thursday.