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Inside The Mind Of An Artist

A Visual Interview with digiPlaySpace artists Gabby Darienzo and Andrew Carvalho

Feb 29, 2016

Gabby Darienzo and Andrew Carvalho are the founders of Laundry Bear Games, a small Toronto-based video game studio working on strange and colourful games. They were kind enough to lend us their unique brains for the latest installment of the TIFF VISUAL INTERVIEW. The rules: we ask some questions; every answer must take the form of an image (or several). Come take a look inside the minds of two digiPlaySpace artists.

What inspires you?


What scares you?


What makes you laugh?

3-what-makes-you-laugh-1 3-what-makes-you-laugh-2 3-what-makes-you-laugh-3

What does it feel like to fall in love?

4-what-it-feels-like-to-fall-in-love-1 4-what-it-feels-like-to-fall-in-love-2

The last great thing you saw:


Your favourite film scene?

6-what-is-your-favourite-scene-ever-1 6-what-is-your-favourite-scene-ever-2 6-what-is-your-favourite-scene-ever-4 6-what-is-your-favourite-scene-ever-3 6-what-is-your-favourite-scene-ever-5

What have you watched over and over and over...

7-what-have-you-watched-over-and-over-1 7-what-have-you-watched-over-and-over-2

What is your work process like?


What are you hoping to see more of in the future?

9-what-are-you-hoping-to-see-more-of-in-the-future-1 9-what-are-you-hoping-to-see-more-of-in-the-future-2 9-what-are-you-hoping-to-see-more-of-in-the-future-3

Who are your heroes?


Who are your favourite artists?

11-favourite-artists-jacquelin-de-leon 11-favourite-artists--trudi-crastle 11-favourite-artists-fabled-creative 11-favourite-artists-david-hellman 11-favourite-artists--kelly-smith 11-favourite-artists-emmy-cicierega 11-favourite-artists-girls-with-slingshots 11-favourite-artists-8

Favourite character ever?


How is technology changing? What comes next?