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“Imagine If You Knew our Stories Already”

Watch Jesse Wente’s keynote speech advocating for First Nations, Métis and Inuit representation in Canadian cinema

Jesse Wente Photo
Feb 15, 2017

On February 3, Jesse Wente, Director of Film Programmes at TIFF, activist, broadcaster, and pop-culture critic, delivered the closing keynote speech for the Canadian Media Producer Association’s annual Prime Time event. In this impassioned call to arms, Wente makes it clear that any promise of reconciliation can only exist when Indigenous voices and artists are centred in their own stories. As we consider the future of Canadian storytelling, the only way forward is to let those who have previously been silenced speak. Says Wente, “When my grandmother came out of that school in northern Ontario, she came out ashamed of who she was; she came out without her language; and she came out without our stories. Our stories are our survival.”

Prime Time 2017 - Closing Keynote – Jesse Wente, Broadcaster, activist and curator

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