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Hump Day Movie: Why Don't You Play In Hell

A blood-soaked action film that's surprisingly meta

Apr 6, 2016

The world of spring fashion is a confusing place you guys. If you feel overwhelmed by the many and varied sartorial options and want to move as far away from the light as possible, I would suggest that you snuggle up in your most parka-like blanket and watch Sion Sono's Why Don't You Play In Hell.

Winner of our Midnight Madness People's Choice Award in 2013, this Yakuza gorefest follows the Fuck Bombers, a wannabe film crew, in their quest to create ultimate action film. Yakuza boss Muto hires the Bombers to film the final chapter of his war with a rival Yakuza faction led by Ikegami, a mid-level boss who tried to take his life 10 years ago, only to be stopped with bloody efficiency by Muto's wife.

10 years later, Muto's wife is finally getting out of jail, and Muto is compelled to cast his daughter, a former child actor, in the starring role in his masterpiece. Realizing they have the unique opportunity to create the finest and most spectacular action movie of all-time, the Bombers capture Muto's showdown with Ikegami, all in glorious 35mm.

Featuring a Kill Bill-esque yellow leather jumpsuit, a toothpaste jingle that will stay in your head for days, and more fake blood and severed limbs than I've ever seen in a cinema, Why Don't You Play In Hell doubles down on its ridiculous premise, delivering one of the most ridiculous, and blood-soaked action films in recent memory. Sure as hell beats going outside.