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Hump Day Movie: Blue Ruin

A gorgeously-shot revenge film that's painfully realistic

Mar 1, 2016

March is here! Spring is likely relatively close to springing. Birds are probably somewhat close to chirping. There will even be a point in the near(ish) future where you will once again wear something other than that large, formless, vaguely nautical themed cable knit sweater that your aunt purchased for you because she "knew you'd love it" as "vagrant-chic is hundo p your style".

Unfortunately, we're not yet at the point where you can safely feel the ethereal kiss of the sun on your bare skin, so throw on your strangely hip aunt's sweater and watch my favorite vagrant-revenge film of all-time, Jeremy Saulnier's Blue Ruin.

Funded by Kickstarter(!), Blue Ruin is the story of a drifter who learns his parent's killer is being released from prison, and decides to avenge their murder. The only problem? Vengeance is not exactly his strong suit. Anchored by the subtle, layered performance of Macon Blair as Dwight (the aforementioned drifter), this film will make you deeply uncomfortable for each of its meticulously shot 90 minutes. Plus, Buzz from Home Alone is part of the very excellent cast, which is something you will now never be able to un-see. Sit back, relax and get yourself a plate of something best served cold to accompany this film. Sorry in advance for all of the stress-eating.

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