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Halloween Snackables: Video Treats For Horror Film Lovers

Go behind the scenes of scary special effects and Midnight Madness moments in this Halloween collection

Oct 31, 2016

A lot of scary things happen at TIFF each year—Midnight Madness premieres alone offer up terrifying sights and smells. In honour of Halloween, we wanted to share some of our favourite videos that celebrate the filmmakers and artists who make all of our nightmares come to life.

Guillermo Del Toro introduced his modern classic Pan's Labyrinth at TIFF '16, and talked about his love of Fairy Tales and Horror.

In Sadako vs. Kayako two iconic J-horror franchises face off in this wild monster mash-up that pits the house-haunting phantoms of Ju-on (The Grudge) against the analogue-to-digital demon of Ringu (The Ring). Both monsters showed up for the Midnight Madness premiere.

The TIFF '16 film Raw was so intense, it made Midnight Madness audiences sick. Watch the full Q&A with director Julia Ducournau to hear all the gorey details.

Learn how Cronenberg's team made the memorable effects from the Canadian master's films.