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Gamify Your Festival With TIFF Bingo

How many can you catch?

Sep 8, 2016

It's officially TIFF time. How can you tell? King Street is turning into an awesome pedestrian street party. Celebrities and filmmakers are flying in from around the world. Some hardcore film lovers are getting B12 shots and stockpiling snacks.

And of course, TIFF Bingo has returned! Created by the brilliant and talented @ThatSashaJames and @Rachel_Is_Here, who are here to make your Festival even better.

The game is simple. It's Bingo, but with TIFF. Keep track of the experiences you're having at Festival, and cross them off as you go. You can download the card above (just right-click and hit "Save Image As") and print it out, and then keep it with you as you trek through your TIFF journey.

This year Cameron seems determined to make it easy to see him not in a suit (hot tip: check out the programme guide), but few of the other items will come so easy.

Enjoy your TIFF, play hard, and we'll be listening for your muffled cry of BINGO! from a darkened cinema downtown. You also use the hashtag #TIFFBingo on Twitter for bragging rights (and to find a community of people who take this as seriously as you do).