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Fall is Here!

All the things to see and do this season at TIFF Bell Lightbox

Sep 21, 2016

Fall is here! And while we’d like to comment on the leaves and their falling (hey, we’ll stick to the movies), we’re excited to explore the great films on screen this season at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Whatever your preferred genre or your cinema-going needs, as the temperatures drop, we’ve got you covered:

I need something to distract me from the U.S. presidential election…

Frankly, certain individuals are making asses of themselves south of the border. And with the world’s fate in the hands of American voters, let's try and distract ourselves with a few of cinema's greatest portrayals of American presidential politics All the President's Men, The Candidate, and The Manchurian Candidate. If the world ends on November 6th, you’ll be glad you saw these classics before the spray-tan apocalypse.

Speaking of, I need to escape 2016 and move planets entirely…

TIFF will beam you up! We’re bringing 50 years of Star Trek to our cinemas, screening every single Star Trek film, running free marathons of favourite episodes, and presenting panels on the television show’s prominence (Trek Talks). Live long and prosper with special guests Douglas Trumbull and The Wrath of Khan director Nicholas Meyer, enlightening discussions on a galaxy of topics, and tons of Trekkie goodness.

Whether you love classic sci-fi (THX 1138, The Thing, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Logan’s Run) or new (The Matrix, Pitch Black, Moon, Under the Skin), check out The Fifth Quadrant: Sci-Fi Cinema After Star Trek programme, exploring the Star Trek franchise’s influence across the history of science-fiction cinema.

I met my soulmate in a nearby galaxy and now I need date ideas…

Say no more. TIFF Cinematheque Special Screenings has plenty of steamy classics, perfect for getting to know a stranger in the dark. Throughout fall look for titles like the Jane Fonda-starring camp sci-fi film Barbarella, film noir essential The Big Heat, or the very French story about a bored housewife turned call girl, Belle de Jour.

Our Fashion & Film series has some unmissable date flicks too. La Dolce Vita is as close as you need to come to dancing in a fountain in Toronto’s fall temperatures, and Romeo + Juliet will make you appreciate having a love story with a happy ending.

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I’m over romance, I want to see something that scares me (because I get really into Halloween, but maybe also because I just want to feel alive)...

We get it. And we love it. Check out a new digital restoration of Don Coscarelli's terminally bizarre cult classic Phantasm, and the always dependably scary Halloween, The Shining and Alien.

I’m looking for some serious cinema…

Then don’t miss Imitations of Life: The Films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Rainer Werner Fassbinder remains one of the most controversial, highly praised, and greatly influential directors of postwar cinema. TIFF Cinematheque’s comprehensive retrospective is the first in Toronto in a decade, and will include a number of restorations, rarities, and Toronto premieres. Ther series starts with Ali: Fear Eats the Soul on Friday October 28.

From November 22 to January 5 you can see 15 of Fassbinder’s favourite films in All That Heaven Allows: Fassbinder's Favourites. This sidebar offers a rich selection of classic films that shaped Fassbinder's acidulous vision, ranging from Hollywood noirs and melodramas to masterpieces of European cinema, perfect for moody and cold autumn nights.

That all sounds very sexy and scary, but I want something I can take my kids to…

Good news for you, we have the perfect programming all season long: TIFF Kids Classics, TIFF’s Saturday morning and Toronto District School Board P.A. day series of family-friendly favourites classics like Charlotte’s Web, Muppets from Space, and G-rated Halloween films Casper and Hotel Transylvania.

And we’re bringing back Spirited Away: The Films of Studio Ghibli for the third time. Even if you don’t have kids — if you’re just a person with eyes and a heart — this is the series for you.

Those sound long, and I have a very short attention span…

Then you should check out our Short Cuts programmes, delivering the best of Canadian and international short films. Check out Emerging Female Voices on October 4, Misfits on November 6, and kick off the Holiday Season with star-studded Celebrity Shorts.

I wanna do free stuff…

Don’t we all! Lucky for you we have a wide range of free things this fall. First off, our experimental program The Free Screen is always free. And Canadian Open Vault offers up not just free screenings, but discussions around groundbreaking Canadian films. On October 2 Canadian director Jerry Ciccoritti introduces his controversial film Paris, France (1993), and on November 12, in memory of the late director Don Owen — a pioneer in Canadian cinema who passed away earlier this year — TIFF will present two of his key works, Notes for a Film About Donna and Gail (1966) and Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. Leonard Cohen (1965).

Don’t miss free Star Trek Marathons on Saturday, September 24 and Sunday, September 25 at 2pm.

And in case you want to learn something too...

We have the world’s best teachers coming to the cinema. Grab a seat when visionary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro brings a three-part Master Class on Luis Buñuel; legendary songwriter and guitarist Robbie Robertson stops by for a discussion of his life, career, and new memoir; author and documentary filmmaker David France discusses his award-winning film How To Survive a Plague (2012); and Canadian literary icon Margaret Atwood offers a post-screening talk on Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

And there is so much more! Explore this season for great new releases and classic cinema.