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TIFF 6ix: Essential Links for the Week of April 4, 2016

TIFF 6IX: Secret CGI plastic surgery edition.

Apr 8, 2016

1) "Plastic surgery with a mouse click." If you've been feeling like nothing you see is quite real lately, you might be right. Vulture uncovers the shocking ubiquity of de-aging special effects in this fascinating cover story.

2) You need to see this interactive study of gender and age in screenplay dialogue from Polygraph. They call it "arguably the largest undertaking of script analysis, ever." We call it depressing but important.

3) Had he lived, legendary director Andrei Tarkovsky would have turned 84 on April 4. In honour of "one of the greatest poets of the silver screen," Cinephilia & Beyond has a massive post including a previously unpublished interview and a feature-length doc on the man and his work. Settle in...

4) A new study found that two-thirds of female stuntwomen have been bullied or sexually harassed on film sets. The study was conducted by Julie Johnson, one of the first female stunt coordinators, who conducted a similar survey in 1982. Not much has changed since then.

5) Have you visited a Blockbuster recently? Of course you haven't, because there aren't any. Except... there are. In this amazing, nostalgia-inducing video, Chris Stuckmann heads to Indiana and hits up one of the few remaining Blockbuster video stores.

6) Fast & Furiosa. Charlize Theron is starring in the eighth film in the Fast & Furious series. It's real, you guys.