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TIFF 6ix: The Essential Links for the Week of April 15, 2016

TIFF 6IX: Star Trek, Shrek money, lesbian terrorists, oh my!

Apr 29, 2016

##1 The new Star Trek show is shooting in Toronto. This is not a drill. Sadly, the plot does not appear to revolve around Worf, Data and Picard stepping through the portal in the GIF above and straight into early-'90s Nathan Phillips Square, but we guess we'll watch anyway.

##2 Shrek just got a whole bunch more green: Comcast announced its acquisition of Dreamworks Animation for a cool $3.8 billion. That's a lot of money, donkey.

##3 Theatrical release strategies may not seem like a political issue, but this thought-provoking (and saddening) New Yorker piece might make you think twice.

##4 Dear world: you have a new Lara Croft, and she is a machine (or at least, she's played one very convincingly). Alicia Vikander of The Danish Girl and Ex Machina fame is stepping into the role nmade famous by video games and Angelina.

##5 Canadian director Bruce La Bruce has, as far as we know, never shied away from any kind of controversy. So we're not sure if it's even news that his next film, The Misandrists, will focus on a group of lesbian terrorists. But we are sure we'll be in the theatre when it comes out...

##6 Feel like you need a wider lens on the world? Watch this breathtaking supercut of landscapes shot in 70mm, and remember that, even in this digital age, the format matters.