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Listen to a Conversation with Paul Schrader

The iconic filmmaker returns to TIFF '17 with First Reformed, a thriller about two members of the church who are questioning their grief

Aug 15, 2017

Last year, podcast hosts Geoff McNaughton and Rob Kraszewski (then of Nobody's Perfect, now TIFF Long Take) had the opportunity to interview the legendary Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, American Gigalo) about his new film Dog Eat Dog (16:30), not seeing a movie until he was 17 (19:25), creating Travis Bickle (23:00), and why his partnership with Martin Scorsese had to come to an end (25:15). Since then, the filmmaker has been busy. He appeared at TIFF Bell Lightbox this spring to give a keynote lecture on the transcendental style in cinema (based on his 1972 text, in partnership with the Higher Learning department) and also managed to make a new film, First Reformed, which will play TIFF '17. The moving thriller stars Amanda Seyfried and Ethan Hawke as members of a church who are troubled by the loss of their loved ones. Hear Schrader's appearance on the podcast below. You can also watch a video essay created by the TIFF team about cinema's need for boredom below.