TIFF Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase

2018 Winners

TIFF Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase

The 16th edition of the TIFF Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase celebrated the best and brightest young filmmaking talent. A selection of short films submitted by Ontario students in grades 9 to 12 screened at TIFF Bell Lightbox on Saturday, May 13.

Best Fiction Film

Cold Feet
dirs. Dylan Gitalis, Tristan Kovacs

Thomas wakes up in a black void and, as instructed by an unknown, deep voice, must make a series of decisions that increase in severity.

Best Experimental Film

dir. Callahan Bracken

In recontextualizing archival footage through animation, BOYS BEWARE aims to explore the weight of social influences on male queer identity. In just over 60 seconds, the film highlights irony exhibited through homoerotic trends in platonic male relationships.

Best Documentary or Animation

Wavy Head
dir. Max Shoham

Wavy Head is an honest account of the widespread journey of grappling with self-image, told through a mixture of interviews and animations that explore an extreme event.

Best Director

You Look Nothing Like Your Mother
dir. Ava Young

This documentary explores the true meaning of family through a personal reflection of the filmmaker's relationship with her adopted mother.