2019 Key Dates

Accreditation + Resources

May 3
Early-bird registration closes
June 12
Online registration closes
August 23
Industry pass collection opens
September 3
Onsite registration opens
September 3

Conferences + Forums

Breakfast at TIFF: The Future of Work for Creators
March 29
Breakfast at TIFF: Sesame Street Pitch
April 12
Breakfast at TIFF: Cast Away — Securing actors for your low-budget film
May 10
Breakfast at TIFF: Festival Boot Camp
June 14
Breakfast at TIFF: The Future of Our Provincial Ratings System
November 1
Breakfast at TIFF: From Talent Development to Festival Success
December 6
TIFF Industry Conference
September 6–10

Talent Development

TIFF–CBC Films Screenwriter Award applications open
November 4
Writers’ Studio applications open
November 4
TIFF–CBC Films Screenwriter Award applications close
December 4
Writers’ Studio applications close
December 17
Writers’ Studio participants notified of selection
January 29, 2020
Writers’ Studio participants announced
February 6, 2020
TIFF–CBC Films Screenwriter Award winner announced
February 6, 2020
Writers’ Studio project draft due
Febrary 21, 2020
Writers’ Studio Lab
March 9–13, 2020