Your Name

Kimi no na wa

Makoto ShinkaiJapan106 minutes2016ColourJapanese

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Two high-school students, complete strangers to each other, wake up one morning to discover they have swapped bodies, in this Japanese hit from director Makoto Shinkai.

Mitsuha is a high-school girl who lives in the remote mountain town of Itomori and works part-time at the local Shinto temple. She longs for a more exciting city life. Taki is a teen boy living in Tokyo, who gets swept up in Mitsuha's wish for change. When the two wake up the morning after a meteor shower and discover that each is living in the other's body, their lives become critically altered. The body switches occur at random intervals, and both teens must adjust their lives accordingly. While trying to live out the life of the other, Mitsuha and Taki discover things within themselves that they never knew existed.

Already a box-office phenomenon in Japan, Your Name is a visually stunning story of teen love through strange circumstances. At the heart of its story is the collision of old and new, juxtaposing the differences in traditional and modern Japanese life.