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Jean-Luc GodardFrance105 minutes1967RColourFrench

Dec 7
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Jean-Luc Godard's classic attack on the avarice, narcissism, and barbarity of bourgeois materialism is a pivotal work of European cinema. A "civilized" husband and wife (Jean Yanne and Mireille Darc) set out on a road trip and, faced with a series of increasingly violent mishaps and traffic accidents, merrily begin to maim and pillage to protect their possessions, and then their lives. Godard's vision of consumer capitalism run amok — evoked most profoundly in the famous tracking shot alongside a seemingly endless traffic jam — ominously ends with the phrase "Fin du cinema." "Karl Marx and Lewis Carroll, Francis Ponge and Norman O. Brown, MGM and Jacques Lacan — Godard seizes choice fragments from the '60s intellectual zeitgeist and layers them into an abrasive, strangely compelling collage" (Gary Indiana).

Print courtesy of the Film Reference Library.