Rebel Without a Cause: The Cinema of Gérard Blain

Un Enfant dans la foule

A Child in the Crowd

Gérard BlainFrance85 minutes1976PGColourFrench

Jun 15
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Considered one of the great lost masterpieces of 1970s French cinema, Un enfant dans la foule takes place in Nazi-occupied France, where young Paul (César Chaveau) is forced to fend for himself after being abandoned by his parents. Struggling to survive and yearning for affection and acceptance, Paul is picked up by men on the street and performs small jobs for German soldiers, his emotional rootlessness leading him from collaboration into the Resistance. Partially based on the director's own wartime childhood, Blain's cruel story of youth employs Bressonian restraint in its vision of a world whose unremitting harshness places the film's fleeting moments of compassion and connection in powerful relief; watch for Blain's moving cameo in the final shot, a fusion of art and life that seems to promise a transcendence of trauma through the medium of film.