The Young Girls Turn 25

Les demoiselles ont eu 25 ans

Agnès VardaFrance66 minutes1993PGColourFrench

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In 1967, Jacques Demy transformed the coastal town of Rochefort into a giant stage for The Young Girls of Rochefort, his exuberant homage to MGM musicals starring Catherine Deneuve, her real-life sister Françoise Dorléac, Danielle Darrieux, Michel Piccoli, West Side Story's George Chakiris and Gene Kelly himself. Twenty-five years later, Agnès Varda came to Rochefort to document the town's preparations for a public celebration to mark the film's 25th anniversary, resulting in this homage to her late husband's beloved film. Interspersed with behind-the-scenes footage from the 1967 shoot and new and archival interviews with actors, producers, extras and fans of the film, Varda's documentary commemorates not only Young Girls but Demy himself (who had passed away three years earlier) and Dorléac, who had tragically died in a car accident mere months after the release of the film.