The Witch Hunters


Rasko MiljkovicSerbia / Macedonia90 minutes2018PGAges 9- 11Grades 4- 7ColourSerbianWorld Premiere

Mar 18
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    Intro and Q&A with director Rasko Miljkovic March 6, 10 and 11

    Ten-year-old Jovan was born with partial cerebral palsy. Shy, self-conscious and without many friends, he often escapes in his imagination to a place where he is a crime-fighting superhero not limited by his own body. His world shifts when a new girl arrives in his class. Milica, not intimidated by much, chooses the seat next to Jovan and immediately enlists him to help her free her father from his girlfriend, whom she is convinced is a witch who has placed her father under a spell. As evidence, Milica cites drinking weird green juices, alien-like substances stored in jars and consumption of black salt. Between school and physical therapy, the new friends hatch a plan to expose Milica's father's girlfriend and break the spell; Milica believes this will reunite her parents. Preoccupied with the plan, Jovan begins to enjoy life and overcome many of his insecurities as he focuses on helping a friend. The Witch Hunters is an honest portrayal of struggle and acceptance, and how true friendship can lead to undiscovered inner strength.

    N.B.: derogatory language used to describe lead characters; guns shown in a television show; imaginary sequences featuring witches; minimal blood (due to a scrape) seen on screen; physical fight at school; limited instances of strong language

    Rasko Miljkovic

    Rasko MIljkovic was born in Belgrade in 1991 and graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. His short films include Takes Three for a Murder (14), Save (15), and Kris (17). He has also worked as lecturer at Basta Fest and Cinema City in Serbia, and has made dozens of commercials along with videos for Serbian bands S.A.R.S, Went, Went, Kanda, Kodza, Nebojsa, Nezni Dalibor, and many others.

    Additional Credits

    Rasko Miljkovic
    Production Company
    Action production, Dream Factory, This and That Productions
    Executive Producer
    Jovana Karaulic
    Jovana Karaulic
    Marko Manojlovic, Milos Kreckovic
    Miksa Andjelic
    Djordje Markovic
    Production Designer
    Aljosa Spajic
    Aleksandar Protic
    Original Score
    Nevena Glusica
    Mihajlo Milavic, Silma Mahmuti
    International Sales Agent
    Pluto Film Distribution Network GmbH