Modernist Master: Michelangelo Antonioni

The Mystery of Oberwald

Il mistero di Oberwald

Michelangelo AntonioniItaly129 minutes198014AColourItalian

Jul 3
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Time Magazine chose The Mystery of Oberwald as one of the 10 best films of the year, and called it "Antonioni's most impressive experiment yet ... a bold new direction for the cinema, a work of dazzling ambition and achievement." In this very strange version of Jean Cocteau's play The Eagle Has Two Heads, the director's longtime muse Monica Vitti (appearing in an Antonioni film for the first time since Red Desert) plays a queen who falls in love with a young man sent to assassinate her. Antonioni shot Oberwald on video and transferred it to 35mm film, manipulating colour and texture to transform each image into a startling signifier of emotional states. (Dawn arrives as a wave of cerulean light; a blizzard of vermillion swirls around the lovers as they struggle against their fates; the sky blazes crimson as their passion ignites...) The Mystery of Oberwald was never distributed in North America, so this is your only chance to see it.