The Host


Bong Joon HoSouth Korea119 minutes2006ColourKorean

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Inspired by a boyhood fantasy, Bong Joon Ho brought his producer a picture of Seoul's Han River with an image of the Loch Ness Monster Photoshopped in — and thus The Host was born. In this truly original and audacious creature feature, a lazy afternoon alongside the Han is shattered when a large, unidentified mass hanging from a bridge reveals itself to be a slobbering monstrosity that snatches away the young daughter of dimwitted snack vendor Gang-du (Song Kang-ho, who also starred in Bong's Memories of Murder). With the city shut down by the government and their American "advisors," Gang-du and his family — including his alcoholic, ex-radical brother and Olympic archer sister — go on the lam to try and retrieve the girl from the monster's slimy clutches. Frightening, funny and fantastically well-made, The Host became Bong's calling card to North American audiences.

Print courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.