Black Star

The Harder They Come

Perry HenzellJamaica109 minutes197214AColourEnglish

Dec 10
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Seeking to depict "the harsh reality of Jamaican life," director Perry Henzell spent two years making the first ever Jamaican-produced feature film, which went on to huge success on the North American midnight-movie circuit. Reggae star Jimmy Cliff shines in his screen debut as Ivanhoe "Ivan" Martin, an aspiring musician from the countryside who transforms into a menacing "rude boy" in order to survive on the mean streets (and in the recording studios) of Kingston. Exploding from the screen with a unique blend of Blaxploitation swagger, spaghetti-western style and neorealist urgency, Henzell's cult classic is also notable for its fantastic reggae soundtrack, which helped popularize the genre in the US.