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The Crime of Monsieur Lange

Le Crime de Monsieur Lange

Jean RenoirFrance77 minutes193614AB&WFrench

Mar 13
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    A recent digital restoration of a lesser-known but essential Renoir from the 1930s, a delightful comedy-drama that doubles as an allegory for the coming battle between socialist idealism and fascist ruthlessness. The film is set in a publishing house run by the charismatically crooked Batala (Jules Berry), who unrepentantly exploits his underpaid staff. After Batala fakes his own death to escape from his creditors, the long-suffering workers form a collective and take over the business, soon scoring a huge success with the escapist western novels written by dreamy, romantic clerk Amédée Lange (René Lefèvre). When Batala returns to claim a piece of the action, the mild-mannered Lange is forced to decide how far he is willing to go to protect his friends' dream. "Of all Renoir's films, M. Lange is the most spontaneous, the richest in miracles of camera work, the most full of pure beauty and truth" (François Truffaut).