That Man from Rio

L'Homme de Rio

Philippe de BrocaFrance110 minutes1964PGColourFrench

Jul 14
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Capers don't come any more amazing than this breathless thriller, which sets out to out-Bond 007 with the"1,001 exploits Belmondesque!" promised by the film's original posters. Recently restored in eye-filling colour and widescreen, That Man from Rio stars Jean-Paul Belmondo as an Air Force pilot on furlough who, after witnessing his girlfriend (Françoise Dorleac) kidnapped in broad daylight, takes it on the run from Paris to Rio, from the futurist cityscapes of Brasilia (reason enough to see the film) to the Amazon jungle, up cliffs and skyscrapers and down the jaws of a crocodile. Belmondo does all his own astonishing stunt work, and the film is justly celebrated for the reckless elegance of his derring-do. "Delightfully preposterous ... wittier than any of the Bond spoofs" (Time Out).