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Sid and Nancy

Alex CoxUK113 minutes1986RColourEnglish

May 11
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    Cult director Alex Cox's follow-up to his gonzo feature debut Repo Man is a grim yet also strangely exhilarating chronicle of the fateful (and eventually fatal) relationship between Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious (Gary Oldman) and his girlfriend, American groupie Nancy Spungen (Chloe Webb). Bonding over their mutual fondness for smack, booze, speed, and whatever other substances are on offer, Sid and Nancy spiral into an abyss of undying love and mutual self-destruction during the Pistols' disastrous 1978 US tour. Despite Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten's enmity towards the film (which he called "the lowest form of life"), Sid and Nancy has become celebrated as one of the key cinematic documents (however fictionalized) of the UK punk movement, which, a bare decade after its height, had already been consigned to history.