In the Shadow of Love: The Cinema of Philippe Garrel

Sauvage innocence

Wild Innocence

Philippe GarrelFrance / Netherlands123 minutes200114AColourB&WFrench

Feb 15
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    Filmed in luminous black and white by nouvelle vague legend Raoul Coutard (his final film), Sauvage innocence sees Garrel ruminating once again on the death of his ex-lover Nico. In the wake of the drug-related death of his wife, filmmaker François (Mehdi Behaj Kacem) sets out to make an anti-drug film. Struggling to find financing, he meets a shady financier (Michel Subor, of Godard's Le Petit Soldat and several films by Claire Denis), who promises to fund the project if François agrees to smuggle heroin across the border into France for him. Later, while shooting the film in Amsterdam, François falls in love with his lead actress (Julia Faure), but is too consumed with the production to realize that she has slowly become a heroin addict. Winner of the international critics award at the Venice Film Festival, Sauvage innocence displays a surprising sense of humour even as it deals with the most painful of ironies.