Les Amants réguliers

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Philippe GarrelFrance183 minutes200514AB&WFrench

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Considered by many to be Garrel's masterpiece, the director's intimate remembrance of the events and aftermath of May '68 won both the prestigious Prix Louis-Delluc and the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Regarded by many as a riposte to Bernardo Bertolucci's The Dreamers, Les Amants réguliers stars Garrel's son Louis (who also co-starred in the Bertolucci film) as young poet François, who becomes involved with the sculptor Lilie (Clothilde Hesme) at the outset of the Paris student riots. Garrel follows François, Lilie, and their group of disaffected friends as their initial revolutionary fervour is replaced by creeping decadence and a slow erosion of their ideals, culminating in a retreat to a mansion in the woods where they hang out and smoke opium. Filmed in lustrous black and white by William Lubtchansky, this lucid examination of youthful illusions both before and after the revolution is "Mesmerizing… Epic… Sublimely beautiful… An affectionate, dreamlike elegy to youthful idealism" (Film Comment).