Rear Window

Alfred HitchcockUSA112 minutes1954PGColourEnglish

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Wicked, witty and endlessly fascinating, Alfred Hitchcock's mesmerizing thriller — presented tonight in a stunning print struck in the 1990s, employing the briefly revived Technicolor dye-transfer process — is, simultaneously, a taut suspense story, a humorous romance, an acidic take on male-female relations, a study of voyeurism, and a reflexive critique of cinema itself. Laid up with a busted leg in his Greenwich Village apartment during a stifling New York summer, daredevil photographer L. B. Jeffries (James Stewart) starts scoping out the daily lives of his neighbours across the courtyard. Peeping becomes peril when the suspicious comings and goings of the lumbering Thorwald (Raymond Burr) lead Jeffries to believe that a murder has taken place; and soon, the shutterbug's elegant squeeze (Grace Kelly) is daring danger to search for clues herself. "Hitchcock's greatest movie … [his] most exquisitely handcrafted feature" (Jonathan Rosenbaum).

Print courtesy of the Film Reference Library.