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View Quarters during the Canada's Top Ten Student Shorts Programme event.

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In this amusing animation, tenants in a run-down apartment complex are forced to leave their quarters — only to discover unwanted details about their annoying neighbours.

Dans cet amusant film d'animation, les locataires d'un immeuble en piteux état sont forcés de quitter leur logis et découvrent des choses qu'ils auraient préféré ne pas savoir à propos de leurs agaçants voisins.

FIG House

FIG House is a team of nine stop-motion enthusiasts: Virginia Findlay, Tiya Zhong, Emily Millard, Brad Flowers, Karliegh Ivens, Maude Ashby, Una Di Gallo, Yingqi Wu, and Airin Budiman. They are currently students at Sheridan College in Canada. Quarters (17) is their first film together.

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