Johnnie To: Expect the Unexpected


Johnnie ToHong Kong88 minutes200314AColourCantonese

Dec 21
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A personal project shot over the course of two years between other, more commercial endeavours, PTU (short for Police Tactical Unit) is one of To's signature works. When a sweating, pudgy police sergeant (To regular Lam Suet) loses his service weapon after a confrontation with triad members, he enlists his tactical unit colleagues (led by a chillingly sinister Simon Yam) to help him retrieve it. Over the course of a long night, as the cops go well beyond both the letter and spirit of the law as they make their way through the HK underworld, To establishes a series of visual and narrative parallels between the supposedly opposing structures of cops and gangsters, which are linked by relays of cell phones, back-and-forth messages, and violence doled out and received.