Point Break

Kathryn BigelowUSA120 minutes199114AColourEnglish

Jul 22
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"It's 100% Pure Adrenaline" claimed the posters for Bigelow's first all-out summer blockbuster, and surely no movie ever delivered more fully on the promise of its tagline than did Point Break. Keanu Reeves stars as Johnny Utah, a hunky greenhorn G-man who becomes both the compadre and adversary of a wolfpack of bank-robbing, thrill-seeking surfer dudes led by the enigmatic, koan-spouting Bodhi (Patrick Swayze). Bigelow fully establishes her mastery of action cinema with this high-octane, even-higher-testosterone thriller, bringing finesse and precision to the hyperkinetic, music video-derived editing style of the era. Just as deft is Bigelow's sometimes overtly parodic take on the macho action genre, whether she is revving the bombast deep into the red zone or pumping up the alpha-dog showdowns to homoerotic extremes. After all this surging adrenaline, viewers may feel as wound up as poor Johnny Utah, impotently discharging his weapon into the air as an oddly poignant sign of a bromance that goes painfully unrequited.

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