Julien DuvivierFrance97 minutes1946RFrench

Jul 20
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The recent restoration of the legendary, long-unseen Panique was selected for both the Cannes and New York Film Festivals and was received with critical hosannas when it opened at New York's Film Forum. One of the most riveting murder thrillers ever made and unrivalled as an acidulous attack on mob mentality (it has terrifying, newfound relevance), Panique stars Michel Simon as a reclusive, voyeuristic bachelor who mostly keeps to himself, spying on women from his garret. A murder in the neighbourhood sets off a mounting campaign of aspersion, incriminating the outsider who enjoys toying with his suspicious neighbours by ordering "one lamb chop, nice and bloody," at the butcher's. Culminating in a sequence of mob violence that will chill your blood to sub-zero, the superbly shot and acted Panique qualifies as "a masterpiece … Duvivier is a master of shadows, of movement, of blocking.… Unforgettable" (Bilge Ebiri, The Village Voice).