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Aug 24
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Lupino's greatest achievement as a director, Outrage is a years-ahead-of-its-time drama that sensitively studies a young woman's psychological fallout in the wake of a sexual assault. On her way home from work one night, Ann (Mala Powers) is attacked by a man whose advances she had previously spurned. Unable to bear the stigma of a shame she should not feel, Ann leaves her family and fiancé behind and moves to a new town, only to find herself once again surrounded by everyday male aggression. Forgoing any exaggerated villainy or the expressionist techniques of noir, Lupino creates a masterful portrait of the kind of evil that dwells right next door, and cleverly makes use of the censorship restrictions of the Hays Code (which didn't allow the use of the word "rape" on screen) to reflect the cruel silence imposed on sexual assault survivors by a culture that privileges the attacker. "A haunting, infuriating movie…. Outrage deserves, indeed demands, to be seen" (Richard Brody, The New Yorker).

Print courtesy of the BFI National Archive.

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