One Hundred and One Nights

Les cent et une nuits de Simon Cinéma

Agnès VardaFrance / UK101 minutes199518AColourFrench

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Varda's self-described "divertimento" is a nostalgic, star-packed salute to cinephilia. Michel Piccoli stars as Simon Cinéma, an eccentric, movie-mad centenarian living in a palatial mansion overflowing with film posters and memorabilia, who hires a young film student (Julie Gayet) to visit him for a hundred and one nights and record his reminiscences. In a series of fast-paced, humorously surreal episodes, the slim narrative thread of M. Cinéma's cinematic recollections occasions clips from dozens of films, as well as in-person visits from many famous faces — from Catherine Deneuve, Jeanne Moreau and Jean-Paul Belmondo to Robert De Niro, Harrison Ford and Harry Dean Stanton — to discuss their careers and their own movie memories. Bringing together both canonical classics with evocative obscurities in her joyful showcase, Varda creates a space for conversation as much as one for reverence.