On Wheels

Sobre Rodas

Mauro D'AddioBrazil72 minutes2017PGAges 11- 13Grades 6- 8ColourPortugueseNorth American Premiere

Confined to a wheelchair after a car accident, 13-year-old Lucas makes a new friend in his classmate Lais, and joins her on an epic journey to find the father she has never known.

Intro and Q&A with director Mauro D'Addio on April 10 and 11

Thirteen-year-old Lucas has just returned to school after a long absence. A car accident has left him in a wheelchair, without the use of his legs. He's feeling uncomfortable and out of place, so to raise his spirits his parents give him a motorized wheelchair as an early birthday present. Lucas is disinterested at first, but as a friendship with his classmate Lais grows, he begins to see the benefits of his new chair. Lais, meanwhile, has never met her father. Her mother refers to him as "the deceased," even though Lais believes he's still alive.

When Lais receives a tip about her father's possible whereabouts — or at least the location of his old truck — she and Lucas set off to find him. Despite travelling a long distance and encountering many challenges on the way, the two young people persevere; their journey becomes an inspiring demonstration of the power of friendship, teamwork, and inner strength.

Content Advisory: implied car accident, limited strong language, limited threatening language, a degrading comment related to accessibility, brief kiss exchanged between two young people